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Category: Philosophy

Chrysalis Lifestyle

What is Transhumanism?

Author: Luminary Blackthorn | Translation: Pre-Telea Miraenna Read this article in Finnish here! Microchips, implants, and eternal life? One of the earliest principles of Chrysalis

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Temple of Chrysalis

The Temple – and Other Temples

Author: Diatrefuse Qwora There have been many questions on where the Temple of Chrysalis (from hereon “the Temple”) positions itself on the landscape of neo-religious

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On victim mentality

Victim mentality is when a person thinks they are a victim of other people, circumstances, or other external factors, and gets stuck in this condition.

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Public articles

Making use of emotions

The Temple of Chrysalis looks at emotions as allies that can, when correctly harnessed, increase, decrease, emphasize, create, or remove experiences. By manipulating emotions and

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The Meaning of Change in Chrysalis

The word Chrysalis is derived from the Greek word χρυσαλλίς meaning chrysallís (plural: chrysalides). It stands for the stage of the transformation of a butterfly,

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Luminary Blackthorn

The Temple of Axolotl

The Temple of Chrysalis has decided to change its name. This rare decision stems from the need for the Temple to upgrade itself to match

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