The Principle

Temple of Chrysalis

The Idea

Temple of Chrysalis is an esoteric order that explores the workings of the mind and its associated phenomena, both through the lens of science and the supernatural.

An essential part of the system is to study the concept of reality. Whether it is about alternative realities, virtual reality or altered states of mind, a Chrysalid surveys different methods and techniques that can to see beyond our normal everyday experiences.

Founded in Finland in 2018 after years of development, it is an occult-philosophical community that has in just a few years grown quickly and spread internationally. 

The Temple’s philosophy is based on cyclical development of the self and discovering your ideal self, as inspired by the symbolism of the butterfly’s life cycle. Because of this, butterflies and moths are prominent in the Temple’s aesthetic, as well as its symbols. The word “chrysalis” is taken from the butterfly’s life cycle, referring to the magical cocoon phase where the caterpillar destroys itself in order to be reborn as a butterfly.

The adherents of this philosophy, Chrysalids, also explore the six aspects of life which are called Kaleidoscopes. These are different themes of life that can be found all around us. The Kaleidoscopes can be used to find and assume different viewpoints even in difficult situations, and they can even be used to describe the structure of an individual’s personality.

Temple of Chrysalis

the essentials

All the information can feel a bit overwhelming, and as we have the esoteric inner circle, it is impossible to know everything. But we do our best to clear things out for you. Here are some of the key things that you may find crucial to study in order to understand the system.

Temple of Chrysalis


Reality Shaping is the method we use to explore realities and to manifest our dream realities into the basic reality. It is a combination of different techniques - some of them well-known, such as meditation or lucid dreaming, and some of them are unique to the Temple of Chrysalis.

In practice, we shape the way we or the people around us interpret the sensory feedback sent by the environment, using the Old Arts of the world.



The Kaleidoscopes are one of the most fascinating features of Chrysalis. They are like "Houses" that can be used to examine the world, its secrets, and its occurrences, from various perspectives. The Kaleidoscopes can also be used to figure out one’s personality through how much of each Kaleidoscope it contains.



The main theme of the Temple is change and transformation - both of which can be better amplified and controlled by gaining an understanding of the secrets of the mind. The process of transformation in the Chrysalis path is inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly.

Chrysalids explore the depths of the mind and familiarize themselves with different methods that can be used to influence the mind. The mind is your most important tool in the Chrysalis path.

Some of the main topics of the Temple are...


Influencing it, playing with it, and modification.


The exploration, questioning, and utilization of them.


Harnessing and utilizing it.

Life cycle of a butterfly

The symbolism of transformation, the finality of the process, the pain of giving up, and rebirth.


Understanding it, and increasing your own well-being through it.


Reality shaping, amplifying transformation and sealing of decisions.

Why butterflies and moths?

The Temple was born around the inspiring philosophy of the butterfly’s life cycle. Chrysalis is the stage in the complete metamorphosis of a butterfly, where the butterfly develops during its pupa stage. The butterfly larva is nearly destroyed whilst undergoing its pupa before it begins to develop into an adult butterfly, Imago. This cycle is adored in the Temple of Chrysalis as it is the basis of spiritual metamorphosis: resurrection requires death, and a great spiritual change often requires leaving things behind.

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