The Temple of Chrysalis has decided to change its name. This rare decision stems from the need for the Temple to upgrade itself to match the modern age.

“Butterflies are so last season. There’s another magnificent creature that can morph: axolotl”, says Luminary Blackthorn, the founder of the Temple (of Axolotl).

Another reason for the change has been the gloominess of the Temple’s earlier symbolism. The new generation is more sensitive to heavy topics, such as the concept of death. The Luminary now wants to change the symbolism to help the Chrysalids to feel more comfortable.

“Our previous symbolism was based on the idea of spiritual death and rebirth – a caterpillar transforming into an adult butterfly. The caterpillar destroys its old form to become something new. This kind of phoenix story can be brutal for the more sensitive members. But! Axolotls hatch from eggs into a juvenile form that can morph into the land-based adult form. This means that you don’t need to experience the symbolic death. When we experience misery, it might feel like we are drowning. But axolotls are aquatic: if we think like axolotls, we don’t need to drown, because we can hold our breath underwater”, educates the Luminary.

"Hee Aksolotlos apofloioiee! Ek tees Salamandros anakyptetoo!"

"If we think like axolotls, we don't need to drown, because we can hold our breath underwater."

Luminary Blackthorn
The Luminary encourages everyone to upgrade their ritual clothing. The new dress code includes gloves that represent the gills of an axolotl. 

The name change also triggers other reforms in the Temple. The six kaleidoscopes now turn into six gills, and the Pantheon will be called the Salamandria. In addition, the Salamandria has planned to implement some changes into the first-degree initiation.

A Telea candidate must hold their breath underwater. The number of minutes they can keep their head in the water bucket defines the number of the rank they start from. Most likely, they will still end up starting from degree 1“, explains Archon Zimri, the Luminary’s right hand and another member of the Salamandria.

Luckily, the Chrysalids are not complete strangers to the Great Axolotl. During some of the kaleidoscopic celebrations, the middle circle and inner circle have used the Axolotl Song for exercising:

The changes will be introduced as soon as possible. To show some respect to the Great Axolotl, you may share your new ritual clothing styles on our Discord or Facebook post comments.

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