Here’s a list of doctrines and branches of philosophy, especially relevant to a Chrysalid. I’ve pruned the explanations as much as possible; I hope that you’ll familiarise yourself with the following doctrines.

Metaphysics – The study of reality. A branch of philosophy that explores the presence of everything that there is – and reasons behind it all. The specific concept of metaphysics is to explore the idea of reality, without being tied to only human perspective.

Ontology – A branch of metaphysics. The study of existence and what it means for something to exist.

Idealism – Reality is an interpretation of the mind. Reality is something spiritual. “Spirit” in this context usually means mental aspects and similar phenomena. The concept of the mind extends and transcends physical boundaries.

Materialism – Reality is based on substance and materia.

Physicalism – Everything that exists is physical – or supervenes on the physical. There is nothing else out there, “nothing over and above the physical”. The concept of the mind is brain-centered.

Naturalism – Nature covers everything that there is, and nothing exists beyond the natural world. Everything that exists, everything that happens, every creature and being, are all-natural. For example, the supernatural is explained through the laws of nature.

Subjectivism – A doctrine that reality is always subjective. The mental activity of the “subject” creates reality, and there is no external or objective truth.

Ontological subjectivity – The existence of reality depends on the consciousness and perception of a subject.

Ontological objectivity – The existence of reality and the physical world isn’t dependent on an individual’s consciousness or perception.

The philosophy of the Temple of Chrysalis has traits of…

  • Idealism
  • Subjectivism
  • Ontological subjectivity

Our philosophy has less traits of…

  • Materialism
  • Physicalism
  • Ontological objectivity

…but these are still relevant ways of exploring reality.

There is also a grey area when it comes to…

  • Naturalism

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