Chrysaliksen Temppeli

How to apply to Temple of Chrysalis?

Membership of the Temple

The Temple of Chrysalis is an initiatory order. Anyone can be a Chrysalid just by identifying as one, but that alone is not enough to be a full member of the Temple. A Chrysalid is like a hangaround of a motorcycle club: much appreciated, but not yet with all the privileges or the full support of the family.

The inner circle of the Temple of Chrysalis is a non-commercial community that helps its members to shine as brightly as brightly as possible and find their ideal self. The insider nature of the Temple makes it important that any new aspiring members do not compromise the wellbeing of existing members or the structure of the Temple. This means the new members need to understand what they are joining. In order to provide the information and vet the members, and to make sure that the esoteric knowledge is only gifted to those worthy of it, the Temple can be joined only through initiation. The initiation process starts with the application, followed by the Pre-Telea stage and atrial. The trial (hopefully) leads to the initiation into the Temple, after the applicant has proven their worth. Through the initiation, the applicant is free to start their new life as a Telea Chrysalid inside the Temple.

Worthy of receiving it


Telea – An initiated and official member of Naos tis Chrysallis.

Neo-Telea – A new-born initiated Chrysalid! A fresh member of the Temple.

Pre-Telea – A Chrysalid who has sent Their application for initiation and is going through the evaluation period.

Chrysalid – A person who identifies as a Chrysalid. A follower of the Chrysalis path. Every Chrysalid that there is!

Pre-Telea Council – A group of Teleas who take care of the Pre-Teleas’ trial process.

Contact the Pre-Telea Council:

Pre-Telea council will conduct most, if not all, communication about the Trial in English. Please type your messages in English.

Be aware that the process is not impartial, objective nor neutral. It is biased and partisan. Yes. We are even transparent about that. How you have treated the Temple, its members and especially Pantheon will have an effect on whether you are accepted or not. We want to build a happy place. Not a place with trolls and challengers who bring bad vibes.


  • Join our Discord server and say hi.

  • Read this website through. We expect that if you are interested in the full membership, you are ready to devote at least a little bit of your time to study the basics.

  • Make sure that your beloved-ones are alright with your decision. The safety of the applicant and the other members of the Temple is important to us. If someone close to you gets mad at you after you have joined us, it will soon become an absolutely unnecessary issue for the Temple organization to handle. It is not our responsibility to take care of these kinds of problems. The applicant themselves must have their foundation in order before making the decision to join. So please, do not make your family or relationship problem one of our problems.

Temple of Chrysalis applicants are expected to sincerely and purely want to be a part of the Temple, gain further knowledge about the path of Chrysalis in order to improve themselves.

Applicants are expected to:

  • Age of majority and legal capacity
  • Adopt the teachings of the Chrysalis path
  • Accept the Edict
  • Accept the structure and order of the Temple of Chrysalis
  • Pledge to not knowingly cause harm to the Temple or its members.

You must declare your willingness to become a member of the Temple of Chrysalis. Pre-approval of your application begins the trial period, during which you will hold the title of Pre-Telea. The Pre-Teleas may be invited to take part in some of the Temple’s gatherings and rituals. It is up to the Pre-Telea to prove themselves worthy of initiation.

Send your application to the following email: and include the following:


Name, age, contact information (such as an email address)
Discord nick

Informal justification why you wish to join Temple of Chrysalis

Minimum of 1000 characters

Maximum of two A4 sheets with font size 12.

Assurance that you have read and accepted the Edict

Pledge of confidentiality and loyalty to the Temple

Also please copy-paste the following to your application:

– I am +18 years old

I pledge and acknowledge that I am joining an esoteric order, and some people playfully use the word “cult”. I have made the decision myself.

– I pledge that I am of sound body and mind  to perform rituals. I convince that I know when to have a break in case my mental health can not handle ritualistic activity or deep conversations.

– I pledge that I understand that the Temple of Chrysalis has a sex-positive, hedonistic nature, which might be seen in rituals.

– I pledge that I understand that the Temple of Chrysalis might introduce controversial methods of performing rituals or reality shaping and that I can refuse to take part should I wish so. I also understand that refusal might mean that I am not able to take part in the ritual in question.

– I pledge that I understand the Edict and I commit to follow it the best way I can.

– I pledge to understand that the inner circle membership is a life-long commitment. I am allowed to leave, but I understand that by doing this, I most likely will burn many bridges.

– I pledge that I understand the inner circle of the order consisting of a hierarchic level system. I understand that the structure resembles a pyramid and I am fine with that. I acknowledge that the Temple of Chrysalis has a leader and an operative management system.

– I pledge that I know that my mental and physical health is my own responsibility. I know I need to take care of myself and I need to be able rest if any cult action gets too intense for me to handle.

– I promise to keep the Temple material safe and I will not share secret information without permission, especially to those who are not yet initiated. 

– I acknowledge that I can be expelled, should I cause any harm to the Temple, its members or its leaders. I acknowledge that I might lose any property of the Temple, roles, titles, event participation rights and any social, physical, mental, financial and spiritual privileges or benefits that come along with the Temple membership.

– I hereby swear to return everything that belongs to the Temple in case I either leave the Temple or get expelled.

– I commit to the Gentleman’s Agreement: Should I leave the Temple, I swear not to speak publicly ill about the Temple or create public crisis inside or outside the community. Should I break this agreement, I give the Temple my permission to talk about the situation publicly, as I have done so myself.

GDPR: With this application I allow the Pantheon and the Pre-Telea Council of the Temple of Chrysalis to keep and handle the information that I have provided for the membership of the temple. The information can be saved, used, accessed and modified digitally through Google Drive or other cloud services.  I understand that my information can be used to handle my initiation process, to manage my membership, to fetch information about my wishes and, when needed, to contact me. In case there are news or announcements about the Temple, they can be sent to me. I may request the deletion of my personal information, but acknowledge that doing so may limit the Temple’s ability to provide me membership rights; and in some cases may constitute a termination of my membership and a permanent ban to any of our services, events and social platforms. 

The Pre-Telea -stage will last 2 years. During the trial period, the Pre-Telea has limited access to the gatherings of the Temple of Chrysalis, in order to determine their fit for the membership of the Temple. Members of the Temple are expected to be of pure intentions and the Temple wishes to weed out any unwanted people who have the potential to be harmful to the harmony of the Temple.

After the Pre-Telea has proven their worth, they can be initiated into the Temple. The Pre-Telea can also apply to be initiated. Initiation is a second level ritual and can be performed by a member of the higher clergy, Archon or Luminary.

Initiation ritual is an aesthetically built occasion, in which the Pre-Telea becomes a Telea Chrysalid. A fully fledged member and follower of the Naos tis Chrysallis. The initiation ritual is led by a master of ceremony, who has been specifically appointed by a member of the higher clergy, Archon or Luminary.  The initiation permission can only be given to positions starting from Hiereus Megas and above. Under exceptional circumstances, a Hiereus who has been taught to perform the initiation of the first degree can be given permission to initiate. The initiation ritual can vary slightly based on the individual, but the main themes are part of every initiation.


As a symbol of change, the Pre-Telea preparing for their initiation changes a part of their appearance before the initiation. They need to choose clothing that symbolises previous life and must be ready to let the clothing be destroyed during the initiation ritual.


Initiate has a multitude of responsibilities and practicalities that they will be instructed before the initiation. The initiate is responsible for making sure they get the instructions. Some of the practicalities include:

  • The initiate must make the Luminary formally aware of their initiation date, place, and any further information they deem important regarding the occasion.
  • The initiate must change their appearance before the initiation.
  • The initiate is responsible for any costs related to the ritual. The Initiate can request the members of the Temple to participate in the possible rent of the venue, but cannot demand it.

In the case that any Telea Chrysalid determines that the applying Pre-Telea is not worthy of their initiation or has discovered other evidence pertaining to why the initiation should not go forward, they have the right to veto the initiation. A veto will halt the initiation process and results in immediate counsel regarding whether to carry on with the initiation or cancel it.

Luminary has the right to modify, hasten, lengthen or remove steps in the initiation process. The three main principles of the initiation are to make sure the initiate is ready to commit to the temple, to signify this moment with a ritual and to function as a security gateway for the Temple. On the occasion that the previously mentioned qualifications have already been met or things can be arranged in a better manner the Luminary has the right to make any exceptions regarding the initiation process.

Initiation process timeline

Trial: YEAR 1 - Pre-Telea Aksestos
Equal to prospect.

- First interview
- First-year task
Trial: YEAR 1 - Pre-Telea Aksestos
Trial: YEAR 2 - Pre-Telea Eulogos
Equal to probationary or an acolyte.

- Second interview
- Second-year task
- Recommendation
Trial: YEAR 2 - Pre-Telea Eulogos
Final interview
An interview with the whole Pantheon, and meeting the Luminary.
Final interview
Initiation preparations
Initiation preparations
Invitation to meet the Luminary
Invitation to meet the Luminary
First Degree Initiation
First Degree Initiation
A new Telea is born
A new Telea is born

To scare you away from this absolutely ludicrous decision of joining the Temple, we would like to highlight a few more things:

To the Teleas, the Temple events are usually free or they come with a discount. Due to this, we expect every Telea to do their part for the good of the Temple. If your health says “no”, you need to say it – no need to sacrifice your health. However, we hope that you are not going to skip some of the more important gatherings just because of “meh, I’ll skip it, I’m a bit tired”. Everyone tends to be tired in this world, but remember your own initiation day. If people had skipped it becuase “they just don’t feel like it” it would have been quite a dick move from them. We are quite sure that when you have months to prepare, you can make it so that you will have the energy needed to participate.

  1. During the trial period the Pre-telea must prove their worth. Do not assume that you can just drop us the application and then slurp your milkshake and watch Netflix the next two years.
  2. Every Telea means financial losses to the Temple, on estimated average >500€ per first year per Telea. Clarification (Added 8/2021) This number includes the initiation gifts, arrangements, free access to our online Academy, discounts or free accesses to events that would normally demand a ticket. These losses are suffered by the Luminary and her company alone. Nobody else. The community DOES NOT pay for your membership. The Temple of Chrysalis membership does NOT cost. And the membership to the Temple does NOT bring money to anyone. We do not ask for your money. This is not that kind of a group.
    Because of this we expect your approach to be more about what it is that YOU can offer us – not only what the Temple will give to you. 
  3. The hierarchy of the Temple is very human and we aim to use it the most ethical way possible. But, it still is a hierarchy. If you have challenges with authorities or you cannot deal with direct feedback after you have misbehaved, you should carefully consider if you have what it takes to join. There are moments when opposition can be great and brings good things. But then there are moments when the small terrier is smarter if it stops showing its tiny teeth to a Big Dog. Even the most gentle Big Dog has its limits if the smaller dog keeps constantly biting its legs and pissing in its food bowl.
  4. If a Telea acts in a foolish manner, there will be feedback and it might be direct. We are a very warm-hearted group, but we have a low tolerance for nonsense-type of misbehavior or brattiness. Giving critique is perfectly fine, but malicious sarcasm, passive-aggressive challenging, sulking and pouting and useless self-victimisation are things that lower the Telea’s worth. We are all human and we can go through conflicts, but seeing this kind of behavior repeatedly will slow down the initiation process of a Pre-Telea.
  5. The HQ of the Temple is located in the capital region of Finland. That means that the events are mostly held in Southern Finland. Events are where the Temple is. If you cannot come to the Temple, figure out a way to bring the Temple to you. Contact us, ask us and offer us your help. And be ready to realise that sometimes it is easier that one person travels 200 km than that 25 people do the same trip. Be ready to do your part, and do not just wait for everything to be handed on a silver platter.
  6. Please note that the application may be abandoned. Reasons for this could be for example but not limited to:
    – We don’t know anything about you, and the application was not descriptive enough
    – You come across as mentally unstable
    – You are in close relationship with someone we consider as a risk factor, such as a member who left in bad terms
    – You present hostile or aggressive behavior
    – We feel our paths are not a match and that we are not what you are looking for