Reality shaping is a method of the Temple of Chrysalis. The purpose of reality shaping, as its name implies, is to shape reality. Reality shaping is most typically done by influencing how the mind processes the worldview and the sensory stimuli it receives and what kind of energy the practitioner channels around them. Part of the method is to learn to perceive alternative realities and summon them to overlap with physical reality.

In practice, reality shaping combines techniques that affect the mind and how it interprets the sensory feedback. Reality shaping can be also be used to affect other people, as well as things that occur in the world, with subconscious choices and the signals and vibrations we send into our environment.

Some of the techniques used in reality shaping are scientifically proven to work, yet some techniques can be described to have a near to supernatural nature. This is why reality shaping is at times referred to as Chrysalis Magic. However, it’s primary function is to simply explore and shape the reality or your experience of the reality.

Reality shaping can be divided into primary Core techniques and secondary Indirect techniques. The Core techniques are reality shaping at its purest, as these means have been created to serve reality shaping. They originate directly from the Temple of Chrysalis. The Indirect techniques can be any such existing techniques that a Chrysalid chooses to practice, combined with the thought about working with realities and the mind. Examples of indirect techniques could be placebo, lucid dreaming, witchcraft, bio-hacking or reality shifting. Examples of the Core techniques are, for example, creating a “reality fusion” or an “overlapping reality”. Beginners usually start by choosing a secondary, Indirect tool, and combining it with parts of the Temple of Chrysalis system and it’s perception of realities: for example, by using the kaleidoscopes.

Reality shaping has succeeded, when the reality has experienced a change which wouldn’t have happened without the reality shaping – or, the targeted situation would have been less to the practitioner’s liking.

What ever technique a Chrysalid chooses, the key ingredient is the mind. That is why Chrysalids are paying a lot of attention to learning to manage their inner speech, attitude and subjective reality. 

The mind can also be influenced by using external factors, such as rituals, symbols, aesthetics and tools found in nature. External influences are important because as a human, you are a psycho-physical-social entity. Your environment affects you and your mind. The mind alone is enough, but the movements of your body and external factors can help your mind to focus your energy correctly, and to vibrate on the correct frequency. The ritualism, therefore, strengthens the effect and clarifies things that might otherwise seem abstract to you. In addition, doing things with one’s body enhances memorization. You act not only with your mind, but your body as well, whereupon your entire self is involved in the process. Movements move a large amounts of energy, and movements and positions have an effect on our state of mind. 

The initiated members of the Temple of Chrysalis dive deeper into the techniques of reality shaping. Through each 13 initiation degree, a Chrysalid learns more about the method. Some basics of reality shaping are shared also publicly, or semi-publicly, to the Middle Circle and Outer Circle Chrysalids. 


We take health matters seriously. Because the method interacts with one’s reality interpretation, it is not recommended to people who are suffering from such illness that would influence the person’s touch of reality too deeply: for example, reality shaping is not recommended if you have a tendency to experience psychosis, negative hallucinations or unpleasant dissociation.