The Edict

Version II-2020
“As the world changes, so shall we.” 

Table of Contents

Náos tés Khrysallidos

The Words of Commitment

I hereby step into Chrysalis
My mind – I give to metamorphosis 
My body – I give to be the vase of my magical spirit
My oath – I pledge to the Luminary,
to the Temple of Chrysalis, 
to the Imago and to my Self,
I break the chains from my limbs
I press my seal onto the rock 
I am a star – not a planet
With these words, I am committed; with these words I shall carry myself to the heights 

The Pillars of Chrysalis

The Pillars of Reality

The universe consists of vibrations, frequencies and energies.

Reality is an interpretation of sensory feedback.

Shaping reality is the key to self-improvement.

The Pillars of Mind

The mind is the most important tool for shaping reality.

Limits of the mind can be exceeded.

With control, primitivity is freedom and chaos is power.

The Pillars of Metamorphosis

Each person has an Imago, the ideal self that can be achieved.

The larva can be offered food, but it must make the decision to begin the Chrysalis.

Resurrection requires death.

The Pillars of Morality

Do as you desire, bear the responsbility.

Goodness is reality and situation dependent. Evil is an anomaly in reality.

Your joy, someone’s misery. Vice versa. 

The Pillars of Ecstasy

Joyful experiences increase happiness.

Ecstatic experience brings you closer to reality shaping.

The relationship of two people is what they agree with one another.


Rise, Chrysalis – Awaken in kháos
The paradox of irregular regularity
Disorder, the cradle of the universe

Skull masquerading the face of the bee, staring into the heat death
Raze to build
In the golden ring that is your cocoon

The cunning tongue penetrates the honeycomb
On a thorny branch, six eggs of the psyche, surrounded by five white petals of the elements
The death’s head bleeds honey from its veins
A recipe of immortality 
Twelve drops into six vases


Structures be born, cosmic time on the brink of the cycle of infinity


The first one hatches
Defining unsullied constructing
13,82 gigayears
Amaranthine frame in eternity
Gives the ingredients

In the searing flame, the architect’s vision incubates the cell


The second one hatches
The balance of the atom discharged
Shiny-wing kisses the firmament
Esurient child, artist of the universe
Addicted to survival
Feasts upon stardust and collects matter
Needs unsatisfied, fire evergrowing
Approaching the ouroboros to taste its tail

The bare-headed wyrm
Blue stains, stricken by perversion
When the structures merge into the blaze
Unseen becomes visible, the rainbow of synesthesia beyond time
and the fungal climax gifts a cell division


The third one hatches
Spawn of Theia
The third eye reflects the outer space of alternatives
Wild night makes the unnatural become natural
Not satisfied with a single turn
The kaleidoscope winds to gaze into the falsely forbidden regions
The geometry of the drum membrane in the third dimension
Realities fractured into rooms, walls painted with stardust

Nothing is real
Everything is real
Broken laws

Penumbras fusing beneath the glare of the thirteenth room
The struggle of cosmos and chaos
Time of reckoning

Jet black ambrosia bastes the fourth egg and the frustrated unsullied awakens its kin to share the judgment


The fourth one hatches
The fowl-winged, pluviophile, sews the tempest of existence
Obsidian melds with the blue and green of the sea of sadness
The event horizon of the soul

The loneliness of the devourer and ego crumbling emptiness
Light captured between billions of nanotubes
The song of caustic tears of the poisonous serpent
calling for someone to please
Someone to sing his song, a wailer


The fifth one hatches

Oak crawler, underneath the maple
Ennobled feeling: euphoria and pain entwined
The shadow of another as its reflection 
Intergalactic empathy yearns for its place among the stars
Unknowing in its self-effacement
to its own importance

Heavy is the burden on the one who carries the galaxies
Gravity attracting moon eaters, the ones sourness can turn us all

Who is the true pre-shiner?
When everyone crumbles in their turn
Collapsing due to what is ascending them


The sixth egg hears the cries, hatches
With a will of its own, like a limb, following the mind
Embrace of solidarity
Divine power of Apollo
Of what we refuse to see, as without problems we think we are empty
Key to everything? Yes. And no. 

Clichés shouting of love, without knowing what Love is
As if a torso can walk
That is not the message of the sixth
The sixth is the gate into the seventh
And only the seventh, which is null
Can perform integration

The master of ceremony of everything that is
leading the orchestra of entropy in search of its last point
Can bleed the seven drops
And the chrysopoeia will be fulfilled

But why should you receive the gift?
In all your solipsism you only see bounds
What makes you imagine, that universe has limits?

I would elevate you, but you don’t believe in the undead
I would show you what the nymphs see
But you think you’ll require cone cells
I tell you about moon fae, on the thorny branch where the eggs hatched
Only fairy tales? 

You wither, not because you are wrong
But because you refuse to see
Planet devouring the moonlight
The timber of your mind as the bars on your prison

There is no door
But there is a key. 

The shackled limbs won’t bother to reach it
Therefore break the chains!
Push your seal against the bedrock
Do not acquiesce to be a planet
Be a star

Let your mark erode away the bars. Be the key.
You cannot leave through a door when a door does not exist 

Thus, you must follow the river on Epirus
Do it, and I shall whisper you the secrets of the dead
Drink the 79 drops
Reveal the iris, of which colors have no name
Your seal on petra, inside you ichor
See more than you see, dance the cyclic death
Then rise with wisdom

After the rainfall, your scent laughs out loud the freedom of madness.


The Code of Chrysallide

The Values

…Or, the traits that the Temple of Chrysalis considers important tools for self-development.
















The Obligations of a Chrysalid

A Chrysalid reaches for the Imago through Chrysalis.

A Chrysalid lives in magic and science.

A Chrysalid develops his mind and seeks spiritual growth.

A Chrysalid seeks pleasure.

A Chrysalid respects nature and strives to connect with it.

A Chrysalid questions the status quo and the cultural opinions.

The Behavioral Code of Conduct

Being a Chrysalid is a privilege. Carry it with pride and honor!

Membership of the Temple begins with the first degree initiation. Aim for initiation. And be worthy of it!

Walking the eternal path of the cycle can never be a sprint. Initiation is a journey, not just a ritual.

We are the family, together we are whole. Loyalty is more than liking someone. Loyalty is about prioritizing. Loyalty is about not lying about important matters. Loyalty is about doing your utmost best not to harm the Temple.

A Chrysalid must honor another Chrysalid and treat Them as the Lords and Ladies that they are. Love like a noble, hate like a noble, act like noble. But, argue, if you must. A fiery confrontation is better than false harmony.

Inner respect
The structure of the highest levels is absolute; it has built the temple, and their mission is to keep it safe and secure, protecting the purposes. As it is the top of the structure that is responsible of the functions of the temple, ensuring that things get done, they also hold the power to act based on their best judgement. An individual is responsible of themself, but the Structure is responsible of the whole Temple.

Outer respect
Respect the other movements, as they have once felt our pain, too. 

Encouraging success
A Chrysalid shall help another Chrysalid on their path towards success, enchantment and becoming eternal. Sabotage of another Chrysalid’s success shan’t be tolerated.

If you make a mistake, carry your responsibility. Carrying the responsibility means solution-oriented approach, minimizing the damage, fixing what can be fixed – and not avoiding consequences. Mistakes are like holes in a boat; the longer you wait to fix them, the more likely you will sink.

Cut toxicity
A Chrysalid must harness jealousy for motivation and turn envy into inspiration in order to get closer to Imago.

Be or don’t
Your worth to the Temple can be massive, yet, it only exists only as long as you are in. If you leave, you leave. Nobody will beg you to come back. 

The Rules of the Temple

General rules

The content provided by the Temple is private unless otherwise agreed with the participants. 

Power and wisdom
Use the power given – use it wisely.  

Cut external fanatism
Politics, religions, and extremist topics must be kept separate from the activities of the Temple, unless they are stated as part of the Temple’s values. The Temple of Chrysalis is a place where the right and left, vegan and carnivore, rich and poor, binary and non-binary, black and white can face each other in harmony. However, there are a few exceptions: We do not tolerate obvious and aggressive hatred towards LGBTQ minorities and we do not tolerate aggressive racism. You are allowed to have grey area opinions and the topics can be discussed, but open disliking we do not tolerate. Any topic can be discussed, but a Chrysalid should always ask themselves: “Fascinating. I wonder what led them to think like this.” before becoming judgemental about another Chrysalid’s life choices.

If a Telea wants to resign from the Temple, they must send a written explanation to Luminary. A resigned Chrysalid loses all of Their rights to events and materials of the Temple, but is still required to comply with the trust clause unless the Finnish law requires otherwise.

A Chrysalid can be expelled from the Temple if one is considered to have caused or is about to cause harm to the Temple or its members through behavior, words, or actions. Continuous ill-mannered behavior and attacking against the own to drive one’s own agenda is considered to be a reason for expelling. A Telea Chrysalid who shows ill-mannered behavior and parts from the Temple without a written resignation, is considered to be expelled without a separate warning.


Always take meeting notes

After any meeting or a video call in which decisions are made, a memo must be sent to the Kryphos who then shall store it for the Pantheon. The memo must include:
1) Agenda – Why was the meeting held
2) Who was present
3) List of decisions – All the decisions that were made during the meeting
2) Next steps – What happens next, and when are the deadlines

– The person who writes the memo is agreed when the meeting starts. If there is no reason for other options, the person lowest in the hierarchy will write the memo. 

– The memo must be delivered within an hour after the meeting has ended. 

– The memo is delivered to Kryphos Iena, either as Google Doc or as Discord message.

Volunteer work

All duties provided by a volunteer worker shall be performed with promptness and diligence in a high-quality manner and at a level of proficiency to be expected of the position with the background and experience that the owner of the title has represented they have when asking to be given the possibility to do something for the good of the Temple or the Luminary.

Only promise what you can actually do

Saying no will be more appreciated than not doing what you promised to do.

Don’t take a task if you know that you don’t have the time for it.

Volunteer worker decides their own workload

When a volunteer worker picks a task, they must clearly communicate on what can be expected from them. The volunteer worker is solely responsible for making sure that they only promise what they can actually deliver. 

Don’t do volunteer work, if your attitude isn’t on the right place

The Temple proceeds rapidly and with intensity, and we always aim to exceed ourselves. That is the secret of our fast growth, and we plan to keep it that way. The rough fact is that most of the given volunteer tasks are given to please the person who asks to do more – not because all the help is always needed. Thus, in the past we have had problems with that people have wanted to “help” the Temple, but then ended up not prioritizing their tasks as promised, or, even completely failed to deliver. 

Not doing what you promised means that someone else needs to do it. Most often, it is someone higher than you, and ultimately, you will end up burdening your cult leader.

Often, if a person has been confronted of not delivering what they promised, or the responsibility has been avoided or deadlines missed, we have been given the response of “This is only volunteer work” or “Well but you do this for living and I don’t.” Never have those phrases been thrown with a proper justification. Ever. They have always been a defense mechanism after a person has failed. 

We very, very rarely command anyone. Any volunteer work and the work load related to it is chosen by the volunteer worker. It is everyone’s own responsibility to make sure that you promise deadlines that you can keep. If your workload feels heavy, simply say “My workload feels too heavy”. Not “Well I didn’t do it but you can’t expect that from me because this is only volunteer work and I get nothing out of it!” If this is your attitude from the beginning, don’t do volunteer work. You can expect the demands being exactly as discussed. Luminary says what she means and means what she says. If she says that this is urgent, it IS urgent. Meaning that it needs to be done immediately.

Your promises are still your promises. And your word is your word. No matter if it’s volunteer work or not.

Sexual code of conduct

We are a sex-positive cult, but there are always some limits on what is and isn’t acceptable. These are guidelines for your reference.


Enjoy the earthly pleasures – enjoy it with consent and responsibility.
Enjoy the play, the flirt, the humour – and seek for new, interesting ways to please your vase.

Sex with a fellow Chrysalid
Should you be tempted by your sexual desires, be considerate. Always make sure that a fellow-Chrysalid is also willing and gives a clear consent. If there is no harm done to either party’s current role, we shall cheer for your pleasure! Have fun – and bear the responsibility. Be aware of the oxytocin rush, and remember that very rare of us are above biology. Be considerate of others’ feelings and expectations. Make sure there is clear communication from all parties involved as to what is actually happening.

Sex and relationships with fellow Chrysalids, who are considerably lower in the hierarchy
Be extremely cautious of having relationships with Chrysalids whom you have a direct position of authority over in regards to their progress within the Temple. This could lead to accusations of favouritism, bias, and/or inappropriate conduct, which could undermine the integrity of the Temple. 

If there is a clear possibility that your relationship will influence your opinions or decision making, then there is a clear conflict of interest and you should remove yourself from the decision-making process in those matters.

If it is shown that you can still work with integrity and objectivity, within the Temple and in your relationship, then feel free to find happiness where you may. Sex can be amazing, and we do want to encourage sex-positivity. But just be conscious of which brain is doing the thinking!

The higher your role is within the Temple, the greater level of responsibility you bear. As an authority, your behaviour will always have a bigger impact on the integrity of the Temple, and therefore because you are an authority, you will be held to a higher standard by the members.

Your sexual desires are not mandated by the Temple

 You are all aware of the roles, responsibilities and expectations placed upon you by the Temple, and if you are willing to enter into a relationship, sexual or otherwise, with another member and take this responsibility with full knowledge of all the implications, then you do not need to ask permission from anyone other than your potential partner.
You are solely responsible of your own sexual behaviour. Nobody will give you permission – and nobody will deny you. Except your partner.

Rules of a Telea

A Telea (initiated member) must…

    • …Be over 18 years old and of sufficient maturity to understand that this is intended to be a life-long commitment, and any decision to leave must be brought formally to the Luminary and Pantheon.
    • …Be of sound enough mind and to have the legal capacity to fully participate in ritual and Temple activities. The responsibility of understanding one’s boundaries belongs solely to the Telea themself. (This does not exclude anyone with mental health issues, but one must be aware of their own limitations.)
    • …Follow the hierarchy of the Temple, and offer the expected level of respect and honor due to all the other higher hierarchy levels and higher degree Teleas.
    • …Be prepared to commit a certain amount of resources to the Temple. This includes studying the Tenets of the Temple, learning the Temple’s esoteric knowledge, as well as a commitment of time and sometimes financial assistance.* Participation in events and rituals is an expected part of the role of Telea.
    • …Understand that not all knowledge and responsibility will be given to them quickly. This must be earned and will take time. No title will be given based on the likability of a Telea, if the skills and devotion are not a match.
    • …Never bring shame to the Temple and their own role in it by publicly shaming the core pillars of the Temple – such as shaping the reality with one’s mind – in an impolite way. Any such needs for questioning the core ideology of the Temple are dealt with inside the order and will not be taken lightly.
    • …Make sure that their beloved-ones have a positive and accepting attitude towards the Temple so that they do not end up becoming an obstacle for participation.
    • …Understand that after the First Degree, more Degrees will follow only if the Telea has proven worthy.

…Agree with the core pillars of the Temple.

* At no point will ToC demand for money, but there is an expectation that some things will have to be sometimes paid for, such as Temple events.


A title is a skill and authority based role in the Temple’s hierarchy. Some titles are limited to only a certain number of people, such as country coordinators, Hiereus Megas or Luminary. The higher in the pyramid model the title is mentioned, the less there can be representatives of the title.

Expectations of decisive positions

A decisive position means a title that comes with authority and responsibility, demanding decisions. This means but is not limited to Luminary, Arkhon, Pantheon, Hiereus Megas, Hiereus, Kryphos, Fylarkhos and Demarkhos. A decisive position can also be a temporary or unofficial title.

A person given a decisive position is expected to…

…execute their responsibility area according to their best skill and devotion.

…lead their team and group of Demos’s (groups often referred to as “Fyle”), if such exists.

…show up in meetings, video calls, and events where their presence might be needed, especially if it is about their responsibility area.

All duties provided by a titleholder shall be performed with promptness and diligence in a high-quality manner and at a level of proficiency to be expected of a decisive position with the background and experience that the owner of the title has represented they have when seeking the position.

Invalidation of title

If a Telea of decisive position continuously neglects, prevaricates, or dodges their responsibilities, they will be given a notice. Should this absence be of negligence or inferior pretext, or if the behavior continues even after the notice, a Telea’s decisive title can be temporarily invalidated. 

The inactivity can be announced based on but not limited to the following reasons:

    • The Telea has not participated in any Ecclesia in (3) consecutive instances
    • The Telea has shown absence or defaulted in meetings or video calls that are of their responsibility area in (3) consecutive instances. 
    • The Telea has not responded to inquiries of their status in thirty (30) days. The inquiries must happen using at least two known communication methods to be valid.
    • Telea is not taking care of the responsibilities they’ve been given or have taken.
    • Telea is trying to obscure things that are meaningful from the Temple’s perspective.
    • There is a heavy reason to believe that the Telea is not loyal or might cause harm to the Temple or the Luminary.
    • Telea intentionally does something to hurt the Temple, or the Luminary.

The invalidation announcement is given by the organ that is in the highest rank of the local Chrysalids (such as Pantheon or Hierateuma). If such does not exist, the announcement is given by Pantheon. Invalidations must always be announced to Pantheon.

If the dismantled Telea corrects their activities to the expected level and shows that he or she understands why the invalidation occurred, his or her title can be restored.