The Temple of Chrysalis Discord

Welcome to the Temple of Chrysalis Discord server! Discord is a dynamic platform for real-time communication, supporting text, images, video, and audio in various chat channels.

We prioritize ‘quality over quantity,’ which is why access to our server is periodically opened to a select number of individuals.

*Joining our Discord server is a great start, but it doesn’t automatically make you a member of the Temple of Chrysalis. It simply means you’re part of our Discord community.

*We require all the new server members to be at least 18 years old. (Update: 2024 ->)

*Please note that only committed members who have demonstrated trustworthiness and stability will gain access to sensitive or in-depth content. If your intention is to merely observe, you might find that some information remains inaccessible.

Ready to join?

Grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and set aside 20-30 minutes for the server onboarding. You’ll need to write a brief introduction and read through some informational articles to gain access to the main chat area.

Server rules (short edition)

1. Be civil and welcoming
2. Introduction is required
3. You have two months to decide if you’d like to be a Chrysalid
4. The nobility rule: treat others gracefully, also during disagreements
5. Don’t be a d1ck
6. Respect others’ privacy and confidentiality
7. No screenshot sharing outside the server
8. Zero tolerance on sharing information with detractors
9. Respect the moderators’ warnings
10. No “holier-than-thou” attitude
11. Don’t be a Karen
12. Don’t embarrass us
13. No advertising your own group or recruiting to it
14. Chrysoteria Academy subscribers aren’t immune to kick/ban
15. Don’t slide into the DM’s of the Luminary. Contact Kryphos Iena first.
16. Avoid excessive complaining
17. Rules are subject to change

By clicking the join button I swear my intentions are good, and I don’t have any harmful agenda. I swear that I am not here on behalf of someone else. I fully understand that if I am discovered sharing any content from this server with individuals who intend to harm our community, I will face a permanent ban from all activities associated with the Temple of Chrysalis. Such a ban is irreversible, and I will not be allowed to rejoin ever again. The community will be informed about the reasons for my ban, and I will be blacklisted. Furthermore, any illegal threats or persistent harassment originating from my actions will be reported to law enforcement authorities.

Discord runs on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers. You can get it to your phone, download it to your computer or use it through your browser.