The Circles

Inner circle

The inner circle, as the name tells, is the inner circle of the Temple: those closest to the core, the VIP people of the Temple.

The inner circle members, commonly referred to as Teleas, are the court of the Temple. They are the most passionate members who have devoted part of their heart to Chrysalis, and decided to follow the Chrysalis path. 

The actual esoteric information of the Temple is only open for the inner circle. The inner circle talks openly about the Chrysalis magic aka reality shaping and dives deeper into even more controversial topics. The inner circle gathers regularly and may have branches in different countries. In the closed events, the inner circle does rituals, explores the esoteric, studies ancient Greek, and much more. They also receive different member benefits.

A Telea is expected to have “that something”. That unique spirit, energy, talent, way of thinking – what ever it  is. They have to have something extraordinary that makes them different from the rest. Simply being a nice person isn’t enough to become a Telea.

The inner circle members are expected to develop the Temple in a way or another. They are walking a path of 13 degrees, from which the first six are focused on the community, and the rest have more solitary nature, if the Telea so chooses. The content of the 13 degrees is not revealed outside the inner circle. During the first 6 degrees, the Telea is expected to do their part for the Temple. Everyone has a strength, and that can be harnessed.

 Teleas are also counted as official full members. One can be a server member, Chrysoteria member or a Chrysalid, but if you are not part of the Inner Circle, you are not an official member of the Temple of Chrysalis.

The inner circle membership is counted as eternal. Thus, an inner circle member must make a permanent change in their looks, such as a tattoo, as a symbol of their devotion. The symbol also acts as a reminder, if the paths would ever be parted. 

Middle circle

The middle circle consist of people who are on their trial, applying to one day become a Telea. Hence the title is called “Pretelea”. 

The middle circle members have a duty to provide enough evidence that they are a fit to the inner circle. This is done through conversation, interviews, being present at the events and participating on activities. A Pretelea’s behavior is monitored to see if they are troublemakers. They are also expected to show that they are capable of having conversation, going through deeper topics and discussing about philosophy.

If a Pretelea can’t join the inner circle, in some situations they may apply to continue as a Diatrefusa. A Diatrefusa is a helper of the Temple – someone who wants to be close to the Temple, but either is not suitable to become a Telea, or they don’t wish to become one. A Diatrefusa no longer needs to prove to be worthy of the Telea position, however, they are expected to help the Temple in the best way they can.

The middle circle is expected to activate the Discord server. That is their concrete main task.

Outer circle

Outer circle refers to every Chrysalid who is not in the middle circle or the inner circle. The outer circle doesn’t have duties, except for the Code of Chrysalid and the Edict, but they don’t have as much privileges, either. They have some closed channels on Discord and they may at times get invitations to some events such as the Grand Ekklesia, but they aren’t taught the rituals or the esoteric.

The Inner Circle Titles


  • A generic title to describe all the inner circle members. When a member is initiated, Telea is also the first title that a person gets. A freshly-initiated Telea is referred to as “Neo-Telea”. A Neo-Telea has a tutor inside the inner circle for the first six months of their membership.

    The term “Telea” comes from “ὁ τέλειος σύντροφος τῆς χρῡσαλλίδος” (=ho teleios syntrofos tés Khrysallidos) which means “a complete companion in Chrysalis”.


  • A priest or priestess. A Hiereus can take care of hosting smaller rituals. A Hiereus studies the occult and esoteric and focuses on the religious side of Chrysalis. 


  • The Keeper of Secrets. Luminary’s personal secretary who filters what matters go to the Luminary and which topics are not part of her duties. Kryphos may keep track on different Temple-related matters, write memos after Ekklesias and offer 1on1 communication to outer circle and middle circle members.


  • Description coming soon.

Hiereus Megas

  • The high priest or high priestess. The local area/branch spiritual leader. A passionate, loyal Telea with plenty of experience and great people-skills and talent for leadership. Each country will eventually get their own Hiereus Megas. For example, the Luminary is the Hiereus Megas of Finland.


  • The right hand of the Luminary.

    Archon is the person closest to the Luminary. His role is to make sure Luminary has everything she needs, and to act as the second in command. Archon can “veto” the Luminary’s decision if there are some serious reasons for that. This is an “emergency” button and a safety measure in case something would go wrong and the Luminary would not be making decisions with a clear mind.


  • The founder and leader of the Temple of Chrysalis.

    The Luminary is the highest title in the Temple.  The Luminary’s duty is to develop, improve and cherish the Temple of Chrysalis. The Luminary oversees the whole system and makes sure that the original purpose of the system gets fulfilled.

    The nature of Luminary’s leadership is more inspirational than manager-like. Her duty is to create and improve the system and to provide the inner circle the materials that they need. Even though the teams get quite free hands with their projects, the Luminary has the right to guide the people so that the outcome matches with her vision.


(From the lowest to the highest.)

Pre-Telea Council

  • The Pre-Telea council takes care of the Pre-Telea process. The council developes, manages and executes everything related to the trial process. They interview the prospects, keep track on their activity and behavior, and if finally a Pre-Telea is ready to be introduced to Pantheon, the council may escort the potential Telea to meet the highest decision-makers.


  • Synodeia consists of those especially trusted of Luminary. The Synodeia members are often close to her in events and helping her on a personal level. They must have great situational awareness, quick reactions and 100% loyalty. They are the guard dogs, chamber maids, trusted assistants, and overall people close to the Luminary in person. They have the permission to be positive gatekeepers, making sure that the Luminary isn’t burdened. A Synodeia member has the right to for example to limit and manage access to Luminary during events.


  • The trusted of the Pantheon. These people have formerly been in Synodeia, and they know the drill. Areopagus members are trustworthy people who have earned their place in a decision-making organ. They also have enough Temple years and experience to know how to run the order.


  • The Luminary and Archon together form the Pantheon – the highest decision-making organ of the Temple.