Welcome, Chrysalid!

Temple of Chrysalis is an Esoteric tradition and a community of reality shapers and techno magicians. The main purpose is to discover your Ideal Self, through powerful transformation, reality shaping and influencing of the mind. This process and ideology, inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly, is referred to as Chrysalis.

An essential part of the paradigm is to explore the concept of reality and how it can be affected by your own actions and surroundings. The practitioners, referred to as Chrysalids, study how to manifest your current ideal reality into the basic reality. This method is called reality shaping.

Reality shaping is performed through both concrete techniques and a more holistic mindset. The practice includes altering one’s inner speech and thinking patterns through self-suggestion, self-reflection and structured self-improvement goals. Rituals and symbolism play a huge part in reality shaping.

Part of the knowledge is public, part of it is transferred through an initiatory system, managed by the Temple of Chrysalis. The official Temple of Chrysalis membership is free. You become a full member through trial, proving yourself being worthy and getting along with the rest of the community and finally, initiation.

The Temple offers activities to its members in the forms of communal rituals, live and online events, and recreation. The activities are meant as support for everyone on their Chrysalis journey by offering a platform where it is safe to discuss things often considered taboo by mainstream society.

Activities include diving deeper into Chrysalis. At the gatherings of the Temple, this is reflected, for example, in the form of common rituals and increased mysticality.