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Category: Chrysalis Lifestyle

Chrysalis Lifestyle

What is Transhumanism?

Author: Luminary Blackthorn | Translation: Pre-Telea Miraenna Read this article in Finnish here! Microchips, implants, and eternal life? One of the earliest principles of Chrysalis

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Chrysalis Lifestyle

Useful techniques for a Chrysalid

1) Anchoring emotions Anchoring means that you create a link between a movement and emotion so that the movement triggers the feeling. Anchoring is emotional

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Public articles

Making use of emotions

The Temple of Chrysalis looks at emotions as allies that can, when correctly harnessed, increase, decrease, emphasize, create, or remove experiences. By manipulating emotions and

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Luminary Blackthorn

The Temple of Axolotl

The Temple of Chrysalis has decided to change its name. This rare decision stems from the need for the Temple to upgrade itself to match

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