The Grand Ecclesia

September 3.-6.9. 2020, Vahojärvi, Finland

About the event

The Grand Ecclesia is an event that lasts for four days and gathers Chrysalids around the world to celebrate together and meet each other. 

During the event we do rituals, workshops, ceremonies, initiations, sauna, swimming and, of course, we have the most significant cult meeting of the Temple of Chrysalis: The Grand Ecclesia (“Suur-Ekklesia”). A “tribe gathering” where we make big decisions about the Temple’s future.

***Please notice that this event is for Chrysalids only, or, for those invited exclusively. If you are not a Chrysalid and would like to join, please contact us.

Temple of Chrysalis events


highlights from the upcoming EVENT in september 3-6, 2020

Temple of Chrysalis events


In addition to the Grand Ecclesia cult meeting, the program consists of workshops, lessons, rituals and partying but also relaxing and spending casual time together.

Food and accommodation

The accomodation is at the venue and it is surrounded by beautiful and peaceful nature. The rooms are equipped with bunk beds and one room fits four (4) persons. Showers and toilets are located indoors.

One meal is offered on Thursday and Sunday. Two meals are offered on Friday and Saturday. It is advisable to take additional snacks with you that can be stored in room temperature.

Special dietary requirements will be taken into account, if possible.

Temple of Chrysalis events

Bring out your cultist persona!

Have you dreamed of a moment of tribal living with other witches? Now it is possible at the event. You can be creative with makeup, paint magical symbols on your skin and even do your own ritual on the dock if you feel like it. Nobody will frown upon you – it is only desirable to bring out your own style and persona!

View the program

 The event is for adults (18+) only. Unfortunately, children, pets and family member are not allowed to access the venue and event.


You might witness situations that might seem extreme or shocking to you. Examples of possibly shocking situation include:


– Ritualistic activities

– Nudity

– Public eroticism

– People under the influence of alcohol

– Partying until late night and hearing disturbing noises from the party

– Going naked into the sauna


Workshops, rituals, sauna, dancing - view the whole schedule here:

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Non-member ticket: 200 €
Chrysalid ticket 160 €
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– The invoice must be paid completely before the event. You will get the ticket only when the whole payment has been fulfilled.

Temple of Chrysalis events

The Grand Ekklesia Ticket - Invited non-members

Invited non-member – 200
(Invitation only!)

– Choose this ticket if you are not a Chrysalid.

– INVITATION ONLY. Please notice that you are not allowed to participate without an invitation.

If you wish to have an invitation, email

Temple of Chrysalis events

The Grand Ekklesia Ticket - Chrysalids

Chrysalids – 160 €
Chrysoteria members – 140 €

– To be qualified to get this ticket, you must have the Chrysalid role on our Discord server.

– If you are a Chrysoteria member, log in before purchasing the ticket. The discount will be automatically calculated.

Temple of Chrysalis events

The Grand Ekklesia Ticket - Volunteers

Volunteer workers only.

– You are entitled to purchase this ticket if you are an official Ekklesia volunteer worker and you have been granted the permission to purchase this ticket.