The Mind

The mind is regarded as an intrinsic being of an individual, that contains, processes and directs consciousness, thoughts, and feelings. The mind consists of the interplay of the brains, the body, the outside world, and other beings. Defining the mind thusly means it is more than simply the result of brain activity, but something significantly broader and complex.

The mind is your most important tool in the Chyrsalis path. The more aware you are of the depths of your mind, the folds, and layers, the easier it is for you to reach your full potential. In the end, everything starts within your mind. Reality is a subjective image of what our minds construct from the senses and stimulus around us. There for the mind is also your most important instrument in reality shaping.

The abilities of your mind are vast. Sometimes it is quite trivial that the mind isn’t aware of everythingthat is happening in the background of superficial awareness.

Chyralids explore the depths of the mind and familiarize themselves with different methods that can be used to influence the mind. NLP, hypnosis, microexpressions, meditation, and pleasure are core themes in the lives of Chrysalids.