Every person has an Imago, an ideal self. The term is multidimensional. Imago is the version of you, where all the pieces of the puzzle have fallen into place nigh perfectly, and where the mind and the vase which carries it are in harmony with one another.

Imago summarizes all that you are truly capable of. Imago is you at your most perfect, according to your own standards. Once contentment and joy fades and you begin to thirst for a larger change, a new Imago awaits you in your future, where its task is to lay its eggs in the shape of new ambitions.

The Imago is a state, in which a Chrysalid can smoothly shape her state of mind and her surroundings even in bleak times, thus remaining stable. The Imago is not free of problems, but the Imago is aware. She can leave behind her victim mentality and strive to improve her surroundings. She is aware of reality, and therefore able to shape her own reality and interlace it with the realities of others. Through this awareness the Imago radiates magical power and godliness, and therefore the Chrysalid is surrounded by the aura of the Prefulgé.

Each one of us holds this godliness within. It is merely slumbering in its shell, waiting to hatch in Chrysalis. A Chrysalid strives to awaken this godliness from its sleep.

The Imago is communicative by character. This means that the Imago often attempts to reach its host and create a connection. It is our responsibility to recognise these signs, and by following them, connect to our inner Imago. The connection is created through both a physical and a mental transformation. Therefore Chrysalis is the path to the Imago.

When speaking about the members of the Temple of Chrysalis, the Imago refers to a Chrysalid, who has understood the principles of Chrysalis and used them to reach her ideal self. The Chrysalid has, in a sense, found the connection to the core of her mind, and become one with her godliness. In other words, the Imago-Chrysalid is the incarnation of her Imago. A God on earth.

Gods are eternal, and so one of the criteria for reaching the Imago is to do something that immortalises a human. Immortalising does not necessarily mean fame, but leaving something of oneself on earth in a way that is particularly impactful. For example, the Temple of Chrysalis is part of my Imago: a new system, which may yet have a larger impact on the world than we can imagine.

The Imago may go through countless chrysalises throughout life, and Imago doesn’t necessarily mean being complete. At this point however, a human might exhale in relief, knowing that she’s left a legacy on earth.