The main theme of the Temple is change and transformation:

  • All progression requires change.
  • Internal change always starts from the person itself.
  • The change or transformation can be better amplified and controlled by gaining an understanding of the secrets of the mind.

It is very typical that change is often started under difficult life circumstances. Dissatisfaction drives us towards solutions. For many, however, the transformations aren’t completed or they go in the wrong direction. An unfortunate coincidence in life can often lead us to transform into a more and more cynical state of mind, a point that is easy to reach and easy to wallow in.

The process of transformation in the Chrysalis path is inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly. The butterfly lays an egg, the egg hatches into a larva, the larva turns into a cocoon and undergoes a drastic transformation, after which an adult butterfly, Imago, hatches from the cocoon.

Imago is the term for the “ideal self” of any person. The Imago already exists and can be achieved, everyone is capable of achieving the needed transformation to reach their ideal self. You only have to discover the concept of Imago, understand it and consciously strive towards it.

Chrysalis and the discovery of ones Imago does not mean that life should become wholly goal orientated. The paradigm aims to discover the lifestyle that includes pleasure and positive experiences, leading to more happiness in your life. Again, it doesn’t mean happiness is the main goal, but rather exploring things that give us joy and discovering more of what makes us happy.

Defining the aspirations is the first stage. This is where you lay the eggs of your Imago to develop and grow. After the eggs begins the larval stage, this is where you decide to consciously work towards your aspirations. The decision signifies that you’re committed and want to see the eggs eventually hatch. Next, it’s time for the Chrysalis, the stage of transformation and action. Finally, the Imago, your version of the ideal self. As long as you have something you wish to develop further, you must define your new aspirations and go through the cycle again. There isn’t a defined end to the cycle, how you feel and believe defines if you’ve reached your Imago.

Eggs – An Aspiration is something you want and strive for. It can be spiritual or physical, social or materialistic. In the case of Chrysalis, the typical aspiration is the transformation of yourself. When defining your aspiration it is wise for a moment to consider the following. Why do you actually want this transformation for yourself, why do you want to transform, what could the transformation lead into? You should be cautious as to what your aspiration is, as you might get just it, along with all the side effects of your transformed self.

Larva – The Decision is committing to work for your aspiration through any means at your disposal. This is where a Chrysalid would use rituals to seal the decision, with the help of Sigils that would assist with the journey. The decision is the stage where thoughts of “I would like to be…”, “I wish I could…” are changed to be “I am…” and “I will…”.

Chrysalis – The Transformation is action, it requires you to do things, act in new ways, behave differently, do everything that helps you to reach your aspiration. It’s the process of acting on your thoughts, going through the changes you need in your life to get closer to your ideal self. Make any modifications to your behavior or way of being that help you reach your aspiration. Transformation can consist of multiple actions. Naos tis Chrysallis also uses rituals in this stage, as with the decision. Other people can also be part of your transformation. What kind of people could help you with your transformation? What kind of people would hinder your transformation? What kind of social skills do you possess and how could you use them as part of your transformation? What would you have to give to others in return to get what you need?

Imago – The Result is where the actions of the transformation eventually lead into. Best case scenario is that the result is the fullfilment of your aspiriation. For example, if you aspired to“Be a good dancer”, your result should be “I am a good dancer”, similar to the result of a butterfly laying eggs is the adult butterfly.