The Grand Ekklesia 2021

December 4th - online + local gatherings

What is the grand ekklesia?

The Grand Ekklesia (“Suur-Ekklesia”) is a “tribe gathering” where we make decisions about the Temple’s future. It could be compared to an association meeting: we go through the past year, our accomplishments and our future plans.

Whereas a normal Ekklesia is only open for initiated members, the Grand Ekklesia is open for all Chrysalids.

This year we host the GE online, yet also live in different locations where people can follow the live stream from the Temple HQ.

Temple of Chrysalis hierarchy


EET 18:00 / GMT 16:00 / CET 17:00 / EST 11:00 / PST 08:00


Coordinator applications
Chysalids can apply to become local coordinators.
Discord groups are started
...And the coordinators will start to organise the gathering.
Locking down plans
- Deadline for the participants to apply to take part in the event
- Coordinators will deliver the event plan and participant list to the Luminary
Deadline: November 7, 2021
November 8, 2021
November 26, 2021
December 4, 2021

Local gatherings & Coordinators

In regions with a lot of Chrysalids, we are arranging local gatherings.

In this gathering, the local Chrysalids can follow the Grand Ekklesia meeting live stream together from the same place, and then continue the evening together after the meeting.

( *you need a permission to be a coordinator for an authorized live gathering. )


Coordinator: Luminary Blackthorn
Gathering happens in: The Temple HQ 
The address will be DM’d to participants.

Arrival: 17:30 – Please, do not arrive before this. We need our time and space to set everything up. If you need to come early, contact Blackthorn. 

  • The space is limited, so the reservation of a seat is binding.
  • Bring a pillow that you can use when sitting on the floor.
  • Bring your own snacks and drinks for the after party. Please note that the fridge can’t be used, however, you can keep your drinks cool by keeping them outside.


Coordinator: Telea MouseDemon

More information on Discord!


German, Belgium, Netherlands

Coordinator: Lissy

More information on Discord!

Southeast US

Coordinator: La Niña del Volcán

More information on Discord!

How does the coordinator handle things?

Each local coordinator will freely choose how they will arrange the gathering. It can be their own home, a bar, a cabinet, or any place where they can gather a few local Chrysalids. 

Each location will get their own temporary Discord channel in which they can discuss about the evening and plan it together, without confusing the other local groups.

The coordinator also figures out how they will select, invite and/or limit the people who are participating. Whether they will DM everyone near their region or simply promote on Discord, it’s up to them. If they can offer 5 seats but there are 10 who want to take part, the coordinator will also need to decide how they will solve the situation. The coordinator also monitors that everything is safe and that people behave well. The Temple isn’t monitoring whether you decide to throw a large party with strippers afterward, but the Temple also won’t take responsibility of anything illegal that the group might do.

The coordinator makes sure that there is a device that can air the Grand Ekklesia live stream to the group on a dedicated Discord channel, and that the group’s activities can be streamed to other local groups. So technically, all the local groups are in one video call with each other, being able to interact with each other. 

After the official Grand Ekklesia gathering, people can stay and hang out with each other. The video connection is preferably left open, so that we can stop by waving to the camera every now and then to send greetings to other Chrysalids.

The coordinator does not have to do everything alone. If there is a group of 5, the coordinator can delegate some of the needed things. The local group can do the whole gathering together, too! The coordinator is simply just responsible that things actually happen and that the Inner Circle receives the post-report. No need to make things complicated.


Arrival - Grand Ekklesia - Party!

  1. People arrive, greet and say hi
  2. Technical arrangement: each location connects to Discord’s GE-voice channel
  3. Starting the actual Grand Ekklesia
    – The Luminary acts as the chairperson and introduces the agenda
    – People can ask for permission to propose or comment on different topics
    – The meeting is summarised and any possible outcome is written down
  4. The Grand Ekklesia ends – party starts!
  5. The rest of the evening people are free to do what they want. The live videos are kept live streaming at least a while after the GE.
  6. The coordinator makes sure that people clean up properly before they leave. The next day, each coordinator writes a short report to the Luminary of how the evening went.

Dress code: Formal Cultist

"What should I wear?"

If you would like to follow the etiquette, please follow this dress code:

  • Black clothing
  • If you want, you can also add golden highlights, such as golden jewelry or ornaments.
  • If you wear makeup, prefer dark makeup, such as smokey eyes.
  • If possible, please draw the Seal of the Three Circles (If you are unfamiliar with the seal, please visit our Discord and event dress code channel.)
-> Aim for something formal, tidy and cult-like. (Finland: Take into account that you might be sitting on floor.)

-> Avoid T-shirts with logos, sporty brands, casual hoodies.


– “Can I participate alone?” – No. It’s not fair for those who see the effort to actually come to the meeting. Also we want to keep the connection as good as possible, and additional videos may burden the connection. The only exceptions are Teleas and moderators when on duty. They can take part also alone, remotely.
– “Can I bring my companion?” – Only if they are a Chrysalid. If not, they can’t take part, unfortunately.
– “Can I bring my kids?” – Unfortunately no. This is a gathering for Chrysalids, and we are an order for adults. 
– “Can I bring my pet?” – Negotiate with the local coordinator. However, the pet is not allowed to cause problems for the meeting.
– “Can I invite friends?” – No. Only those who identify clearly as Chrysalids can take part.
– “Can I arrive when I want?” – No. Once the meeting starts, it should not be interrupted. 
– “Can I record the meeting?” – Only with a special permission. 
– “Can I publish photos or  videos from the event?” – Only with the permission of those who are in the photos. Please respect people’s privacy. Also note that if you give a private person a permission to publish your photo, the Temple has no power to ask them to remove those photos later. 
– “Can we celebrate Christmas or some other celebration at the same time?” – No. The Grand Ekklesia is purely a Temple of Chrysalis event.
– “Can I drink alcohol?” – At least in Finland, yes! But your local coordinator can also decide that you stay sober, if it makes their duty easier.