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Chrysoteria is the Academy od the Temple of Chrysalis’ Secret Knowledge. Here we teach our reality shaping and other mystery paths, combining occult and witchcraft with well-being and self-transformation.

Welcome to our brilliant community, Chrysalid!

(Notice: The site is still in beta. We apologize for any possible bugs that you may face; we’ll do our very best to polish everything asap.)

Welcome, Chrysalid!

Temple of Chrysalis is an occult philosophical paradigm, based on the discovery of the Ideal self and multiplying ones potential, through powerful transformation and influencing of the mind. This process and ideology, inspired by the life cycle of a butterfly, is referred to as Chrysalis.

The Chrysalis path adopts a more scientific approach to what is often considered supernatural. An essential part of the paradigm is to explore the concept of reality and how it can be affected by your own actions and surroundings. The paradigm is for those of you who wish to consolidate enjoyment, the moments of pleasure and the energy of your core to be part of your life.

The paradigm is overseen, protected, refined and cherished by the Temple of Chrysalis. The Temple serves more in-depth knowledge, support and help for the initiated. It also offers a community where the goal is to maximize the benefits of the Chrysalis ideology and move closer to the ideal self, the Imago. The best version of yourself.

You can enter Chrysalis in a multitude of levels; participating in events and gatherings, following the paradigm or joining in the Temple and its activities. All in all, if something you just read resonates with you, most likely you have the right and honor to call yourself a Chrysalid.

The membership is free but the inner circle position has to be earned. The services of the Temple are funded by Chrysoteria – the Academy of Secret Knowledge – selling voluntary support packages, courses, merch, retreats and other similar products. There are also participation payment for larger events to cover the costs. The paid services are run through a company.

The Path and the Temple of Chrysalis have been created by a private person who carries the title of our cult leader: Luminary.

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Luminary Blackthorn on is the founder and creator of the Temple of Chrysalis, who found her spark to build the Chrysalis Path after surviving her own depression and trauma backgrounds. She is an expert of community development and management, a prefessional performer and group leader, who publishes articles and videos about empowering topics and visits different events as a speaker.

Blackthorn highlights that her own spiritual growth is a continuous learning process, and she is not trying to replace professional help: Luminary’s role is simply to offer support, inspiration, encouragement and guidance to those who wish to receive it.


The Grand Ecclesia - Status Update

As most of you are aware, the situation with Covid-19 has changed our plans concerning the Grand Ecclesia a bit. Here is a brief status update about the decided action points: We will try to move the event to August, to make it more likely…

2019 - Luminary's Thank you

The Temple withdraws to enjoy the Time of Dryocampa with our friends and family. This means that we don't work during the holidays, but we focus on our beloved ones and those in our closest circle. You may see us on Discord, but we will have…

10 things you should do after your initiation

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So - you have become an initiated Temple member: a Telea! So now what? You no longer have to prove that you are worthy of the initiation, right?  Is your life going to change remarkably? Will you now be enlightened? Can you stop doing the things…

On victim mentality

Victim mentality is when a person thinks they are a victim of other people, circumstances, or other external factors, and gets stuck in this condition. They usually shift the blame away from themselves and develop their negative emotions, such…

Making use of emotions

The Temple of Chrysalis looks at emotions as allies that can, when correctly harnessed, increase, decrease, emphasize, create, or remove experiences.  By manipulating emotions and our way of thinking, we can affect our wellbeing. Emotions…
Luminary Blackthorn

My vision about the Temple

Temple of Chrysalis is going through some fascinating changes. We have recently allowed ~15 new members in, and I think it is time to clear out my future goals for Chrysalis. What is it that I want? What is it that I'm aiming towards? What are…

The Pillars of Reality

The universe consists of vibrations, frequencies, and energies. Reality is an interpretation of sensory feedback. Shaping reality is the key to self-improvement. “The way we have been perceiving life needs to be rolled away, so that which…