2019: Luminaryn kiitokset


The Temple withdraws to enjoy the Time of Dryocampa with our friends and family. This means that we don’t work during the holidays, but we focus on our beloved ones and those in our closest circle. You may see us on Discord, but we will have a little break in handling requests, applications and initiation discussions. We get back to business after Acherontia has sealed the liminal space and started the New Year.  Thank you for understanding and allowing us our well-deserved rest.

The first 6 months have gone so fast. And now, it is time for some thanks and thoughts.

Thank you every Chrysalid that there is.

Some of you I have never even spoken with which in a way is so exciting! The Chrysalis Cult is spreading, and that is my big dream! Thank you for being here.

Thank you Aksestes.

You have made a decision to join, and I am curious to see your applications and pre-tasks. The task is always an important moment and it may make you nervous. But that is only where your journey starts. So go ahead, start it – and enjoy the ride!

Thank you all the Pre-Teleas.

Many of you have done well, and many still have some mountains to climb. Yet, here you are. Those of you who have had the patience and respect towards the system are still here and closer to earning your place in the Temple. Well done! I understand it can sometimes be hard to wait, but there is a clear reason for that, as all of those close to their initiation have figured out. Remember the basics, remember what you have signed for, and you will do just well! We want to see that you are with us even after the honeymoon turns to every-day life. Those of you who have remained from the original gathering group: hold on to your Protos stone. Remember that this stone gives you a privilege that will never be shared again. You are special. I still have a couple of the stones that I have been saving. This time I will not be giving them in haste, but the last stones will be shared in the initiations. Let that be a little motivation booster for you darlings!

Thank you Pre-Telea Samael, Pre-Telea Lochness, Pre-Telea Singularity, Pre-Telea Æon, and Pre-Telea Tiseyo (who I eagerly wait to meet soon and celebrate with! I shall book us some nice bottle of wine and we can take over Helsinki.) Also thank you to our awesome Motherators Pre-Telea ”Lil Sis” Phoenix Amaris and Pre-Telea MouseDemon. I feel safe to have you here and I thank you for your service and help.

I would also love to give a special mention to Pre-Telea Avantra who has shown humble devotion and gone through remarkable self-improvement in just months. You have never demanded anything, yet you have given so much. You have followed the hierarchy with the deepest respect. You know how to respect my limits and you know where to pull the line between the private me and the Luminary-me. You have also shown loyalty and trustworthiness and that to me is very valuable. You have successfully served the Inner Circle, as a proper acolyte should, and that has earned you your sweet place among us. One day it will be you who gets to sit down and enjoy as a new acolyte pours you a drink. Although, I have a feeling that the Temple’s Bar already is your territory!

Finally, I want to give my warm thanks to my beautiful Teleas.

Your effort and support have been beautiful recently. Your loyalty, patience, and understanding motivate me and remind me every day how honored I am to have you with me. I wish to include you now even more to the building process, as you have proven to be fully capable of doing that. You are my Protos, and from this group, I will make my true inner circle. I wish to be able to offer as much as I have received.

Telea Halla – I was in a dark place after the Time of Trogonoptera. Just when I thought that this will never work, you came. You brought exactly that part of the dynamics that we needed. You understand me and my intentions probably faster than most, and even though you know how to take your space, you have never stepped on my toes. You act in full harmony and you have a supernatural talent of finding the exact words that I need to hear.

Telea Heosphoros – The one who shall hold the Book. Recently our bond has grown stronger than ever before, and I feel I am starting to see glimpses of your deepest core. That little expression after you left the Dryocampa Celebration, that tiny but meaningful smile and the direct eye contact meant more than any words could ever say. I want to support you even more in the future and I want to sit down with you, staring at the sky, together in the realm of silence. There is more power in you than you probably even realize. But: τόν σόν ἐσώτερον βλέπω. There is more.

Telea Elafi – My precious first-born. Always ready to bite some faces for me! You are a sweet, beautiful creature with an attitude. You have charmed the whole Temple. As Parthenos gives you the logical thinking and wisdom of not to swallow without chewing first, it is your Actias that sings in your voice with the most magical way. I wish to hold you in my arms soon – and expect to see a certain sweet collar with my name on it. Special thanks for your support in the Trogonoptera Celebrations. Your presence calmed me down. Without you, the Temple would not be the same

Kyrios Vallat – Having you with me is an honor. I guess it’s not so easy to make choices when you are swimming naked with a cult leader who asks you to join this weird organ called Pantheon. But you joined. Your role is a heavy-one, yet you have the iron will to carry things forward. The latest achievements you have performed flawlessly, better than I could have done myself (and hey, that’s a big compliment from an OCPD!), and I admire the zen mode that I see in you. You bring balance and calmness. I miss your company greatly and secretly wish you to someday return to the home of the Temple. We have some city centers to conquer and cabins to take over.

Archon Zimri – My beloved right hand. Where would I be without you? Even if I’m the Mother of the Temple, your genes are definitely in the system, too. Thank you for putting up with me. You listen to my worries, my stress, and my rants. You take care that I have everything I need to keep things going.  I don’t think I have ever met anyone who is so capable of understanding different realities than you, adapting to them and accepting also those realms that are not part of yours. I am also so damn proud to see your development of character! I have a feeling I will soon see sides that I didn’t even know that existed.

The year 2020 brings us changes. Some of them make me nervous, some of them make me excited. We are still a very young order, and there are many things to be done to polish the system. Please bear with me. I know some may drop along the way, but when that happens, we were not meant to be. Ah how romantic. But, that is the truth. We will be more careful than before about our process, but the good news is that there will be offered a possibility to the information soon, through a membership system. This is what we have been building for a while, and finally, we are starting to have the puzzle set. Thank you all for the patience! It will be rewarded in a few months.

So. What happened in 2019? I opened the Temple finally to public. I started to write, to draw, to sketch. I ran in every possible place, met every interesting person, saw weird things and took notes. I wrote a book, made a website, arranged events, did magic, created rituals and met new people. And now, the cult truly exists. I guess I am a cult leader.

Quite a year. Quite a year…

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